What brand of oil paint you should buy. And what is inside oil paint tube.

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Choosing what brand of oil paint to buy can be very challenging and overwhelming. In this video, I explain the differences and help you to understand how to choose the best one for your budget.

There are three main categories/grades of oil paints and the most common brands.
Student Grade Oil Paint:
Winton Series by Winsor & Newton (England)
Studio Oil Colors by Lukas (Germany)
Daler-Rowney Georgian (Originally England)
... and many others. I would recommend avoiding the student grades.

Artist or Professional Grade Oil Paint:
Gambling Artist Series (USA)
Lukas 1862 Series (Germany)
St. Peterburg Master Class Series (Russia)
Winson & Newton Artist Series (England)
Williamsburg Handmade Oil (USA)
Rembrandt Extra Fine Artist Series (USA)
Richeson Artist Series (USA)
M. Graham Oil (USA)
... and many others (recommended pool of paints)

Luxury/Premium Grade Oil Paint:
Vasari Classic (USA -NY)
Blue Ridge Oil Colors (USA)
Old Halland (Netherlands)
Michael Harding Oil (England)
Holbein Extra-Fine Oil (Japan)
... and others but not many (recommend if it is in your budget)

Content of this video:
0:00 Intro
0:45 Brands
2:00 What is inside the tube
5:30 Cost of pigments
7:50 Three categories of paints
8:08 Student grade
10:43 Artist or professional grade
13:57 Luxury or premium grade
20:29 Conclusion

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